colorFabb_HT - Temperature Resistant Filament

colorFabb_HT - Temperature Resistant Filament

Created by Professionals for Professionals

More robust than the XT filament with a higher resistance to temperature but more difficult to work with. Therefor the use of these filaments are directed at advanced users.

ColorFabb_HT bears improved resistance to temperatures and is very robust, which is required for special components.

To ease the application it is important to adjust the settings for the first layer accordingly.
A heating board temperature between 110°C to 120°C and in some cases the use of adhesive tools are recommended. (e.g. BuildTak)

Processing temperature 220C / 240C 240C / 260C

250C / 280C

Heated buildplate 75C / 85C 65C / 75C

100C / 110C

Temperature resistance 85C 75C


Processing window +++ +


Printing speed +++ +


Toughness + ++


More information about the material can be found here: ColorFabb_HT