3D printer with Bowden extruders

Clean printing processes and high printing speeds

In a 3D printer with a Bowden extruder, the extruder is attached to the frame of the 3D printer and leads the filament through a PTFE tube (Bowden tube) into the print head. Without the additional weight of the extruder on the hotend, vibrations are prevented, clean movements are guaranteed and the printing speed is increased.

Since flexible or abrasive filaments wear out the Bowden tube more and are more difficult to process due to the long conveying path, a 3D printer with a Bowden extruder is particularly recommended for the 3D printing of conventional filaments such as PLA, PETG or ABS.

3D printer with Bowden-Drive extruders: 1 product



  • FLSUN Super Racer
    4.7 (87)

    FLSUN Super Racer

    • 260 x 330 mm
    • Capacitive colour touch screen
    • High-speed 3D printing

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