The Ingenious BuildTak Print Surface

The Ingenious BuildTak Print Surface

BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic film that adheres to the printing bed on FDM / FFM 3D printers. It provides the perfect surface and replaces the traditional blue or Kapton tape.

BuildTak consists of high-quality, heat-resistant raw materials and allows for clean and easy removal of the component.

The BuildTak surface enables perfect adhesion of the component, minimising distortions. 

BuildTak offers the following advantages:

  • Works great with PLA, ABS, Wood, PET, flexible filament, and more.
  • No pre-treatment required (applying hairspray, etc.)
  • Easy installation and clean removal with no adhesive residue
  • BuildTak is very durable when cared for
  • Optimal connection between print object and surface

The patented heat-resistant composition has been developed to withstand the common temperature settings used on heated pressure beds (110-125 °C).

This print surface can be found in many different sizes.